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The ultimate herpes protocol pdf

When you notice early signs of herpes cold sores they can be stopped immediately. Itching and dryness are the first signs, and ice can be applied to the un-open sore. This discourages the herpes cold sore from forming, and slows the process down.

Fluid accumulates in the herpes cold sore, breaking the sore thus releasing the fluid. Apply peroxide on a cotton ball, to encourage healing.

Use heat on the area to help increase the blood flow to the area. Throw all contaminated items away and wash your hands to keep from spreading the disease to others.

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Are the positive Lipozene Reviews for Real?

Every year, a commercial runs on the popular weight loss supplement Lipozene. Of course, on the commercial there are numerous people that claim that Lipozene does indeed actually work. Since some products can be endorsed by paid actors, it is a good idea to research for yourself to see if these claims made are actually true. It can be challenging to sort through all of the various weight loss supplements on the internet. We took a closer look into the supplement itself.

The main ingredient in Lipozene is Glucomannan. It is difficult to know what else the makers of Lipozene have in the supplement as the full ingredients are not listed on the label. This is somewhat misleading. You should always know what goes into your body.

Positive and Negative Reviews

The Lipozene reviews for the dietary supplement are very mixed. Some people have had good results while others have had poor results and swear you should not take it. As previously stated, when you take the supplement it basically absorbs the water in your stomach causing your stomach to swell giving you more of an idea that you are full. This is the way that it is supposed to suppress your appetite. Lipozene is not a fat burner and does not increase your metabolism to burn stored fat. It only gives you the sensation that you are full.

Other Information

There are no claims on the website that you can lose a certain amount of pounds while taking the product. There is a clinical study reported on the website that claims a group of people lost about 5 pounds over the course of eight weeks. However, it does not reveal the university in the clinical study or any verifiable information that it was done on their product. This too is misleading.


Many dietary supplements out today contain some glucomanan. However, they do contain other ingredients that may be more beneficial in helping you to lose weight.   Therefore, if you do consider trying this supplement tread lightly and with caution. I personally think there are better supplements out there if you are looking to lose weight rather quickly.

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